This blog is dedicated to the thousands of women out there striving to be the best wife and mother, dedicated to her job, and at the same time striving to have a ‘perfect’ body and clean house, while volunteering for all her favorite causes. But this blog is real about the challenges of truly living this life.

Here’s to the beautiful mess that I call life and praise to what God can do when we give our lives to Him. I am so glad I get to live this life with my husband, Chad, as we raise beef cattle and boys (Isaiah, Wyatt, and Judd) in the middle of Missouri.

My varied background as an agriculture educator, FFA advisor, coach, athletic director, administrator for an afterschool program, and professional development specialist helps me bring a broad perspective to just about every aspect of life. Reading, writing, gardening, farming, and living life as a blessing to others is how I strive to spend my time.

The dream I am chasing one workshop, speaking event, and blog post at a time is to be a motivational speaker – not living in a van down by the river – (Google it if you are not a 90s version of people) but the kind of motivator who keeps it real while helping others to make their lives less a crazy mess more of a crazy beautiful creation.