Here’s to the beautiful mess that I call life.  Those most close to me that help make my life both beautiful and messy include my husband, Chad, and our boys (Isaiah, Wyatt, and Judd). We operate a small beef cattle farm that includes an ever growing assortment of animals including border collies, chickens, and whatever the boys can catch before it catches them!

My varied professional background as an educator, coach, administrator, farmer, afterschool provider, small business owner, and professional speaker helps me bring a broad perspective to just about every aspect of life. Reading, writing, gardening, farming, and living life as a blessing to others is how I strive to spend my time.

The dream I am living comes true one workshop, speaking event, and blog post at a time as a motivational speaker – not living in a van down by the river – (Google it if you are not a 90s version of people) but the kind of motivator who keeps it real while helping others to make their lives a little less of a crazy mess more of a crazy beautiful creation one practice at a time.

BR Consulting provides customized presentations for your audience focusing on various ways to live your best life. Presentations include: prioritizing multiple projects/tasks, energy management, self-care, leadership from various perspectives, and many more. BR Consulting also provides one-on-one coaching to help others live their best life through structured growth opportunities and accountability.