It is time to confess. I am a PD junkie.

I must be truthful to myself and those I love. I am a junkie. A PD Junkie. I L-O-V-E PD. PD as in professional development or my broader use of the term may just be adult learning. A a life blender, learning for my profession very rarely stays in the ‘professional development’ box. Instead, most of the learning impacts almost every part of my life.

I am very liberal with my love/addiction – workshops, webinars, an outstanding speaker, a great TED talk, a good group book study, an individual book study, a crazy 31 day writing challenge – I love it all.

I am serious. I get a natural high after learning something new. I am like a kid on Christmas Eve, waiting for the next day to begin so I can put my new knowledge to work. I start a powerpoint for a presentation for which I have yet to identify the audience – I know the audience will come and that this message is just perfect for some purpose. I am so motivated by what I have learned that I am compelled to pass it on.

I know my family and staff love being in perpetual life experiments – often the direct result of my new learning. They are not always willing participants, when they are aware of what is happening, but we almost always end up better on the other side.

I know some reading this may think I am crazy. But then again, you likely also signed up for the challenge of writing everyday for a month! I love it when my own-kind-of-crazy becomes normal. =)

I would love to hear what learning has excited or motivated you to grow?