Life is just not fair . . .

I have heard this phrase from others or thought this phrase myself so many times. . . .

When benching a player whose attitude was more detrimental to the team then her talent was useful.

When one son perceives his brother is receiving some special treatment or item that he is not getting at that same moment.

When I have 10 loads of laundry to do, and I haven’t even been home the previous week.

When a friend can’t get pregnant, and is one of the best moms I know.

When I see so many kids who are not treated well or are abused by their parents.

When I have to call the police because a child has not been picked up after our afterschool program and not a single person on the contact list can be reached.

When I have to tell a child that she won’t be going home, but that someone safe is coming to pick her up.

When the child blames herself for the trouble her mom is in.

When she says she doesn’t want to go back into foster care.

That she even understands the crazy system of foster care at her age.

Life is not fair.

5 thoughts on “Life is just not fair . . .

  1. You’re right. These are heavy posts. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that)
    I wish you a million Seinfeld references while in NYC. I hope it’s a blast, and we get to read all about it. The languages!!! Just wait until you hear!

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  2. A more constructive comment would be that you’re a natural at writing a small moment within your reflective pieces. It’s amazing. Now, here’s something else you’re good at…great! (slightly-jealousy-sarcasm-on-the-great!)

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  3. I, too, wasn’t expecting this to go where it did. The mild injustices of the first “life is unfairs” to the big profound injustice you end with makes me reflect on just how often those who say “life isn’t fair” have things pretty good!

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