Signs of Spring

Green day lily sprouts coming up from the brown dead leaves of last year’s flowers.

The bright green moss and blue lichen clinging to the rocks.

Buds are appearing on the trees and new growth emerging on my rose bushes.

Even the cows seem to walk a little faster as their new calves frolic in the field. The newest calf, with her little white face and black body, sniffs at the hay as it unrolls behind the tractor.

And for the boys, any weather above 50 degrees feels like summer. They streak through the yard, shooting Nerf guns, jumping on the trampoline and constantly asking if they can play in the creek and when can we open the pool to swim. Not yet, Boys. But soon . . . as we are just starting to see the signs of spring.

12 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

  1. Hearts, hearts, hearts!!! Love, love, love! Thank goodness for spring!! I’m so glad to see you on here again this year!


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