Never a Dull Moment

With three boys there are a few things we are never lacking in our house. Here are a few:

  • All sorts of strange and unpleasant odors, many of which we never find the source
  • Nerf bullets found in many unusual places
  • John Wayne, Sam Elliott, and Tom Seleck westerns on the tv
  • Boots, boots, and more boots
  • Almost always some sort of fighting or picking on one another
  • And laughing. So many funny stories – this is the latest

My youngest son, Judd, had a mishap with his brothers who were throwing a rope. He ‘got in the way’ and ended up with a burn on his neck/shoulder blade. That story was not quite adventurous enough so he told first grade teacher/class today that he got horned by a bull. I am not sure if it is more funny that his stories keep growing or that his teacher half believed him! Never a dull moment . . .

4 thoughts on “Never a Dull Moment

  1. Poor Judd! Those brothers will keep each other in stories for the rest of their lives. Also, being horned by a bull may not be too far away. Let’s pray not.


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