Laundry Science

As I look at the baskets of clean clothes sitting in my living room tonight, I think we, as a country, need additional investment in laundry science. Sure, we have automatic washers and dryers, but we have not come along nearly as quickly in this area of housework as we have in so many others. If you ever watched the Jetson’s cartoon, so many of their futurist features we can now have in our homes – robot vacuums and dinners done in minutes – so why am I still folding laundry?

I know I should be grateful because I have more clothes in those baskets that many people have in their village, but tonight I am just irritated that my clean living room only lasted the weekend and is now cluttered up again by laundry. How can clean laundry makes my house look at mess – does that make any sense??

So, if you know any intelligent young people with a mind for creation and innovation, encourage them to go into the field of laundry science. Maybe that is the new field of the future.

7 thoughts on “Laundry Science

  1. I’ll try suggesting it to my 9 year old. He is VERY creative and intent on inventing something. Maybe he can actually have a breakthrough and find a way to get the laundry automatically folded. (Goodness knows, he is not going to help!) Look out Jetsons, here we come.

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  2. I’m actually grateful for laundry. It’s the only chore I accomplish regularly. Laundry is what keeps from feeling like a complete housework failure.

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