I saw a cardinal today

I don’t really believe in coincidences. I instead believe there is reason or purpose in so much that we experience, even if we can’t see it in that moment. I have heard or read somewhere that coincidences are moments God winks at us. I have found many of these types of moments as times God is speaking to me.

One of my latest winks was around the death of my Uncle Bob. Bob was a man who laughed often and who really hugged you. He was a friend to many and loved watching the hometown high school Cardinal teams through good seasons and bad. He is very missed by many.

Shortly after Bob’s passing, just before Christmas, I started seeing this sign stating that when you see a cardinal, it is your loved one letting you know he or she is still there. First it was on a Christmas ornament, then a sign on Amazon, and then it was there at my local Hy-Vee. Were these signs there all along, and I just never paid attention?

This morning as I washed up the breakfast dishes, I looked out the window to see a pair of Cardinals sitting on the old stump in my yard. I could swear they were looking right at me. The male was exploring, his bright red plumage easy to see. The female, also beautiful, all but blended in except for her orange beak. I paused and watched them for a few minutes but then worried our momma cat would find them, I opened the door and away they flew. The female immediately, but the male paused for just a moment to look my way. No matter what the sign, this bright little bird brought my beloved Uncle Bob back to my mind and gave me a moment of pause, comfort, and peace that I know I needed this morning.

PS. After a bit of Google ‘research’, it seems there are traditions in Native American lore about the spiritual significance of cardinals. Also a reference in the Church as Cardinals are dressed in red robes. Another reference to the origin of the word that means ‘hinge’ or a connection from heaven to earth. Hope this makes you think of a loved one the next time you see a cardinal.

5 thoughts on “I saw a cardinal today

  1. What a wonderful gift! My sister-in-law has these same connections to Cardinals. It is a great reminder. For me, the hummingbird connects me to my mother. This bird is described to encourage us to develop our adaptability and resiliency while keeping a playful and optimistic outlook. That was my mom. I too feel the connection you described when I see them.

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    • I also love hummingbirds. They remind me of my Gram, who has always loved hummingbirds. When I was a girl we should sit on the swing and try to stay still enough to see them at the feeder. It was always so amazing to watch them fight over the feeders. I am ready for the hummingbirds to return!


  2. This is beautiful. I have a friend who’s dad was always finding dimes. Since his passing several years ago she has been finding dimes everywhere and feels it is her dad saying hi. I have never found a dime! I don’t think ever in my life actually. So this doesn’t feel like a coincidence to me. I’m glad Uncle Bob is sending the cardinals to say hi.

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    • Thank you for sharing your friend’s experience and interestingly we had one random dime tonight when I counted out money. Your comment made me smile thinking about it.


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