Love-Hate with Lots of Laughs

Most people who know me would not believe that I watch the show Impractical Jokers. But in my house of four boys (three sons and my husband) farting and other stupid humor just seems to be a given.

On some hotel trip, one of the only channels we could watch was Impractical Jokers. This is a show where four lifetime friends dare each other to do embarrassing and often stupid activities.

Even though it is so stupid, and try as I may to not laugh, I can barely make it through an episode without laughing until I am almost crying.

I fear I am actually regressing in maturity. I used to feel like I had a sophomore boy in my head when I taught that age group. Now these ridiculous, immature pranks, crack me up.

Then again, on days like today, laughter for any reason is welcome . . .

7 thoughts on “Love-Hate with Lots of Laughs

  1. Oh, how important laughter is! There is just something freeing when you can let loose and laugh at super silly, often immature things. Plus, you are out-numbered and the farting/other behaviors will only continue until…..well forever! (Gotta love it!). 🙂

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  2. Farting in my classroom rarely makes me laugh…but sometimes it does. And on those days the boys think I am the best teacher ever and the day is over because I will never get them back! I lived in a house of all girls so I can only imagine how much you have to struggle with being a mature, proper female.

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