All dressed up with no where to go . . .

When I arrived home this afternoon, I was greeted by my youngest, with a big hug, which I relish as hugs are getting rarer with each passing year.

I asked him what he was doing in his good shirt and jeans.

He said he just missed school and wanted to dress like he would if he was going to school. My little first grader takes his fashion cues and much of life’s instructions from John Wayne. Not only was he in his pearl snap shirt and cowboy boots, he had his belt, with the big buckle, on and had combed his hair, even using mousse.

‘Mom, will we get to go to school next week?’ he questions me.

‘No, Buddy. We are out until at least April 6.’ I don’t have the heart to break it to my boys that we are likely not going back this school year. Better to hold onto the hope.

‘Well, at least I can dress like I am going to school.’

‘You sure can, and your hair looks really nice. I bet Mrs. Robinett could use a smile today. Let’s send her a picture.’

We have to focus on the sunshine each day! In case you are running low, I will share mine with you. I hope his little grin brings a smile to you as well.

10 thoughts on “All dressed up with no where to go . . .

    • And that is my mantra with the boys as well. We strive to set goals each day – getting along, school work, chores, fun- and then reflect on how we did. If not so good today, what can we do to make tomorrow better? One day at a time.


  1. And what a dapper young man. As a teacher, I would fall in love with that smile and that excitement to go back to school. Each time I get a note or Google Meets visit from one of my students, I feel special.

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  2. He is too cute! How sweet of him to dress up because he is missing school. 🙂 Thanks for sharing his picture….It brought a smile to my heart. 🙂 ~JudyK

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