The Car Ride

How far is Wichita? (They know better than to ask if we are there yet.)

What’s the name of our hotel?

I’m hungry. Can we eat this candy? The Skittles are mine.

There are skittles for everyone, but we are eating lunch in just a bit so you need to wait on the candy.

I have to go to the bathroom. Can we stop?

We are stopping in just a few minutes. And there is not a place to stop before our lunch stop.

Can we watch a movie? Can you turn up the radio? Can I have my phone? Can you turn on the cool air?

Do we have any movies to watch? Can you turn down the radio? Can you plug in my phone? Can you turn up the heat?

Wichita might as well be Mars as long as this trip feels like it is taking!

Finally we all agree on something. Hope we make it.

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