A forgotten hobby

Even though making arrangements for headstones may seem morbid, for me it is another opportunity to honor those you continue to think about and to help those still here to demonstrate the love and care for those who are gone.

We loss Uncle Bob in December 2019, our whole world was turned upside down before the whole world turned upside down. The void he left in this world cannot be filled, but we try in different ways. He and I shared a love of flowers, something I carry on when I can.

Uncle Bob took great care in selecting flowers for all the headstones in his family plot. Even though some of these ‘relatives’ are only those in name, my Uncle Bob was married to my dad’s sister, Kathey, I knew these people in different ways. I want to continue to honor them, as a tribute to him as well.

On my way home to visit Aunt Kathey, she reminded me of the flowers. I found a great selection and bought more than we might need, but better too many than too few.

As we chatted tonight, I put the arrangements together. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed doing those arrangements. It had been some time since I made silk arrangements, but my fingers and eyes were not at all rusty. I forgot all about this hobby, typically only put to use to help out with wedding flowers or outdoor planters, and even those have been awhile.

It felt good to be doing something that I enjoyed for someone I miss, but who would have been honored by the gesture and the creations.

5 thoughts on “A forgotten hobby

  1. It is touching that this “forgotten hobby” allowed you to honor your Uncle Bob in so many ways: to do something that he loved, to decorate his and his family’s graves, and to visit with your aunt/his widow. The yellow lily arrangement is especially beautiful!

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  2. I am sorry for your loss. It’s always interesting to me how the creative process can allow our minds to dig deep and be reflective and thoughtful. Thanks for sharing your forgotten hobby.


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