Reading Points and Ponies

I loved reading as a kid and continue to love it. I am rarely found without a book in my hand, in my bag, in my car, or on my desk.

Strive as I may, my boys have yet to catch this love. Sometimes they will stay with me for the Bible adventures – especially when it is a battle scene or special miracle, but getting them to sit relatively still and read and listen is always a chore.

Tonight, there was some urgency in the reading. Why do they wait to the last day, the last hours?? How many times did I remind them of the points and the books? How many times did I offer to help? How many times can something be brought up before it is considered nagging? How do I not want to be a nagging mom!

The oldest son was motivated by his teacher this year and has knocked the points out of the park.

I don’t like to compare . . . but getting the bare minimum is not a comparison, but an expectation for the quarter.

So here we are at the almost final hour reading about the Chincoteague ponies, a story and location I have mentioned that #2 son would love to visit. His interest is piqued.

What? There is another book about the pony, Misty?

Tomorrow is library time. Maybe I can get that book and we can read it.

Maybe I can get a jumpstart on 4th quarter points.

Me: That sounds like a great idea. And yes, I would love to read it with you.

Maybe, just maybe he has found his love in a place I didn’t think to look – to a far off island with a horse named Misty – one of my first loves of a book I treasured.

2 thoughts on “Reading Points and Ponies

  1. I loved, loved, loved those books too. It’s been on my bucket list, forever, to visit that part of the country and see the ponies. I wonder if they are still there? And how great that your son has found a series he loves.

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    • Yes they are. He really wanted to go out west for a round up, but I also brought this story to him this fall as we were on quarantine and dreaming of our bucket list for after COVID and beyond. The round up and swim are a part of a week of activities held the last week of July each year.


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