Waiting on a pick up

Her ride was not at the stop. That happens sometimes.

Grandma was called and would come to the school to get her, and so we waited.

She had a collection of stickers that kept her busy and gave us something to talk about.

As we set there with the school doors open feeling the cool breeze, there was suddenly the strangest noise coming through the open door!

Her head whipped to the doorway (I don’t know how she keeps her glasses on most of the time!).

‘What WAS that!’

‘I don’t know, what do you think it is?’

‘Some strange animal.’

‘Partially correct; I think those are geese.’

She now gets up, stickers long forgotten, the outside mesh still stuck on her pants.

‘I can’t see them’, as she strains her eyes in the twilight).

‘No, but we can hear they are there.’

‘Those are some strange geese.’

I agree with a smile.

~~I was reminded tonight by JCareyReads’ post to celebrate kids. I really just wanted to go home tonight, but am glad I got to share this moment with a pretty special girl who typically is just a bit annoying and can be sassy, but is really quite unique in every sense of the word! She should also be celebrated. Here’s to you KL!

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