Work or Play?

Is work ever play? Does play often feel like work?

This weekend included a couple of activities that made me contemplate these questions.

The first was on Saturday as we moved from the last basketball game toward the baseball season. I was reminded how much work is involved for my sons to play their many sports – not only the time spent in the commute and during their games and practices, but the work to purchase the gear and wash the gear and find the gear before each game or practice. Most definitely more work than play from one end.

While already in town looking for new baseball cleats, we decided to get a first load of mulch. While most of this load was headed next door to my MIL, I will bring home and spread about 40 bags to keep up my flowers and another 10 or so on my blackberry patch (I have to try something to combat the summer weeds). Many would see this mulch as major work. While it is physical labor, ‘playing’ in my flower gardens is one of my greatest joys.

This two sides of the coin continued as we ‘worked’ on the farm – moving troughs and feeding hay and grain. It is work, but is also something we typically enjoy.

Then there was the cleaning of the house in order to get ready for next weekend’s birthday party for my youngest. All my boys (husband included) see this as ‘helping Mom get the house cleaned up!’ This statement will make me go through the roof, as if I am the one who dirtied the house!! And all the house work is house work, very difficult to turn into house play. But together it typically goes faster and now we can have our play next weekend, even if it cost us a lot of work today.

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