The Vultures Return

So many slices this month have included birds. I enjoy many birds on our farm, but vultures are some I just can’t find a place for.

I know vultures are key to the ecosystem as scavengers who are truly cleaners of nature, but they just kind of creep me out.

Vultures are not attractive birds. Our native species with their bright red heads, too small for their bodies, hold their beady eyes, continually scanning for signs of death.

As I drove home today, I noticed the beautiful sunset and the fact that it was still light out! But as I approached the river, I saw them. At least a hundred in seven to ten cauldrons flying those sinister circles, around and around. And more were covering a tree on the hillside as I rounded the corner.

It must be spring because the vultures are back.

Side note: I am interested to see if this large group was the native turkey vulture or the invasive black vulture. I will likely soon see because we have a bent tree that is a vulture hangout below our house.

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