Thankless Workers

This winter has made me acutely aware of one group of workers who make my life better each day, even though I rarely think about it, but to complain. This winter has been especially harsh with many winter storms, which have left inches of snow or ice covering everything in their paths. Each time one of these storms come across the country, our departments of transportation do all they can to keep our highways and streets safe. We often do not think about the nights, weekends, and time each of those DOT workers are spending away from their families. If you have the opportunity in the future, thank these workers who keep our highways drive-able and the snow at bay as much as they possibly can.

2 thoughts on “Thankless Workers

  1. I have a 60 mile commute to work across windy prairie, and we too have had a lot of snow this winter. There hasn’t been a single day I couldn’t make it to work, and most mornings the roads were clear even though I leave at 5:30. I am VERY grateful for DOT workers!! Great idea for a slice–thanking someone we don’t usually remember to thank.

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  2. It is a thankless job. It’s too bad, too, because everyone makes a difference. These workers make a huge difference in the safety of day to day travel. I’m grateful.


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