Road Trip Anyone?

When you think about travel, do you get excited, dreadful, or anxious? Or does it depend on the situation? This weekend, I was not exactly excited about the ten plus hours in the car, but soon learned time really does fly when you are having fun.

The time spent with my older sister driving to Oklahoma reminded me of the many days we drove the twenty minutes to school. Most of those days contained the typical teenage sister squabbling. She always took too much time in front of the mirror, and I could have cared less about my appearance or dress and preferred to roll out of bed at the very last minute. This weekend, we truly enjoyed the ride as we reminisced many memories and dreamt up plans for our little sister’s wedding.

The time in the car with my two sisters, mom, mom’s bestie, and my little sister’s MIL-to-be, brought many long forgotten times to light. Oh, what you can learn from other people’s memories! The process of two families coming together is really quite a miracle. When both of those families have split into four families, everything becomes a bit more interesting! When you are contained to a car, you can learn so much.

The biggest takeaway from this trip is the reminder that whatever the attitude, we often meet our own expectations. So this weekend, whatever you have on your agenda, challenge yourself to shift your attitude. Ten hours in a car or road trip for making memories – it all depends on your perspective.

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3 thoughts on “Road Trip Anyone?

  1. I happen to love road trips and usually don’t get tired and bored until at least hour 8! I really appreciate the attitude change you recommend here. Shifting our perspective can help us find meaning and take pleasure even in things we were dreading.

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  2. I loved every minute of it, and it was even better in the 2500 Ram!! Love you for writing it. AND I wasn’t always the last one in the bathroom.

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