The Magic of Motivation

Today I took my middle son to his pulmonology appointment. These are typically biannual check-ups, but after a decrease in his lung function in January, he needed a quicker follow up. W has had asthma since he was two, and while it is typically well controlled, his lung function was not improving, as it should as he grows.

What we needed to know from this check -up was if it was an issue with his body or with W not correctly taking his medicine. Our great doctor, provided him with a star chart to track his morning and evening meds. This is not new to us, as I have tried all sorts of charts and bribery to get him to take his medicine. But this time, the promise of a $10 Walmart card was the magic motivation. He missed his medicine less than five times over the past two months. And his improved lung function, which was well over the normal rate for his size, was evidence that he had in fact taken his inhaler much more since the last appointment.

This slice also made me wonder about myself. I have tried blogging over the past year and a half, but had only been successful in setting up the blog and posting one or two times. Now, with this challenge, I have made the time over the past four days.

What’s my motivation?

I am reminded of how much I like to write.

My sister challenged me to do it, and I can’t let her down.

And I am really enjoying reading the slices of others’ lives.

So, thank you, Fellow Slicers, for your magic motivation.

5 thoughts on “The Magic of Motivation

  1. Ha! Sister challenge accepted! That may have more to do with it than I think. I’m so glad to read these bits of your life in a new way. I LOVE IT!!

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  2. Glad your son is motivated to take his medicine. It can be very tough to help kids get their meds in! I just started reading Gretchen Rubin’s new book, The Four Tendencies, which is all about motivation and how we manage inner and outer expectations. You might find it interesting!


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