Choosing Your Weather

How much of your day is spent thinking about the weather? I have decided this could be one of the greatest life sucks of all time.

Living in Missouri, you truly experience all the seasons – sometimes in a single day! As we move toward spring, we continue to get a tease of the warm, only to be followed by another cold front bringing in snow and ice. For those who continued to state how long it had been since we had a bad winter, 2019 is making a bold statement for you to remember.

Spending time thinking about the actual weather may be a waste of time, since you cannot control what Mother Nature brings us. But when thinking about the weather we bring to the room or to our families, I am reminded that I need to dwell on my own weather more often.

Do I want people to think of me as a storm – unpredictable and erupting when least expected? Do people see a rain cloud above me when I walk in the room as gloom approaches? Or am I that ray of sunshine, shining my light with positivity to those I meet? And do I care as much about the weather I bring home each night as that starting my day at the office?

We sometimes bring our worst to the people we love the most, unless we take time to choose our weather.

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One thought on “Choosing Your Weather

  1. This is so true: we spend SO much time ruminating about the weather, checking weather apps, watching the weather report, talking to each other about weather, complaining about the weather! I love the shift you make here to thinking about our own weather and how our moods can influence others.


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