No, I will never miss this!

If you are a mom, you have likely had a day when your lovely children seemed more like something possessed. They are fighting with each other, the dog, or anything else within reach. And for me, this kind of day is also the day when I have to go somewhere public – grocery store, ball game, gas station, church.

There have been more than one of these days when my typically sweet and loving boys really cause a scene – have you been there? And have you had the well-meaning, but naive woman say something like, ‘ you are going to miss this.’ IS SHE CRAZY????

I will miss snuggling and random hugs. I will miss those times when they show pure brotherly love. I will miss our jam sessions to Soul on Fire and Yellow Rose of Texas and Picture (Kid Rock/Sheryl Crow), yes, my boys are great djs.

I will never, ever miss wrappers of all kinds all over and unidentifiable food substance that I pull from under their bed. I will not miss finding dirty clothes and other mystery items in their closets. Nor will I miss begging for ridiculous items in a checkout line. Or the times when they absolutely lose their minds in the middle of the store shouting out their injustices and how unfair and terrible their lives are – and on a really good day how terrible their mom really is!

So, thank you well-meaning lady. I know you are really telling me to focus on the positive of the healthy, energetic boys that I have. I know you see my boys, and you remember your own babies, who may not be babies any more. But I think over time, you either blocked out those crazy days or have become crazy because of them. So the next time you see me and my boys are riding the crazy train , just smile and give that knowing mom look – not of pity, only pure understanding.

5 thoughts on “No, I will never miss this!

  1. I’ve heard things like “enjoy every minute” or “cherish these days” from well-meaning people. Those statements can get under my skin if they’re told me at a time that my kids are just losing it. I’ve come to believe, after over 8 years of parenting, that these people are projecting their own feelings onto us. THEY miss those days. They know they’re fleeting. But would they really want to relive their kids’ public meltdowns? I think not.

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  2. Yes! And Yes! You can’t have the good without the bad, but seriously. I’m not going to miss my 2 year crying every time I out him down when I’m racing like a lunatic to finish dinner or get ready to go. I love that he loves me and needs me, but I don’t need that.


  3. Time gives us perspective…and amnesia. I know that you are full of grace and love. Thanks for sharing this bit of day that we’ve all experienced. What an empathetic audience you will find here!


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