Growing Up?

When did you notice your kids growing up?

Is it that first sign they are now aware they need to wear deodorant because it is not always funny when they smell? Don’t all moms love the smell of AXE throughout the house in the morning!

Maybe we see it in their wardrobe as they ask if something matches and don’t just wear comfy pants to school?

Is it when they start to report hair growth in the ‘most unusual places’?

Or is it when they start to ask ‘serious questions’ about how you knew when Dad was the guy to marry?

They still have a ways to go, but there is no denying, they are starting to grow up.

Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 6.09.23 AM

7 thoughts on “Growing Up?

  1. Ugh! So noticing the same !
    Cracking up about the Axe!
    Now borrowing dad’s cologne too…
    Got his own shaving kit and trimmers
    I sometimes wish I could slow the hands of time.


  2. Maybe when they don’t live at home any more and they call you to touch base, catch up and see how you are doing… There are signs at every stage of development, don’t you think? Loved pondering growing up moments! Thank you!


  3. I think AXE in the car is the worst. It happened once, and I threatened death and never riding in my car again. “Wait until we get out at school.” The parking lot won’t mind a bit.


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