Finding the Beauty Where You Are

Today I found beauty in so many unexpected places:

In the man making sushi. He placed the various ingredients with such care and used his tools with precision. His art was a lunch for others to enjoy.

In the Statue of Liberty. I have always loved the idea of Lady Liberty, knowing my great-great grandparents immigrated from Germany. Today, I learned all of her history and that her beauty is so much more then her carefully sculpted copper skin. That she was a gift to signify friendship is amazing. Then there were so many ways that ‘the people’ made the pedestal and really brought her to the harbor. People working together truly is beautiful.

In the stories told from the bus guide. His heart for his city and the catch in his voice as he told his memories of 9/11. Passing by the memorial pools, tragedy has been turned to beauty.

In the perfect dish with handcrafted gnocchi and watching chefs craft the best food. And I am fairly certain my face was beautiful eating it!

It was the tile of the subway stop and the many incredible churches. Beauty is truly all around us if we just take a moment to enjoy it.

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