Do you ever think about your baggage?

How difficult it is to tote around? Always moving it from place to place.

And flooring like carpet or craters in the sidewalk make you wish you were a minimalist!

Why do I feel the need for all the baggage?

Can I blame it on my mother with all her warnings to be careful and take extra underwear?

Do I blame it on the fact that it is my first time on this kind of trip and am striving to be prepared for anything?

Do I take the blame myself knowing I cannot stand to be unprepared and really don’t like not knowing or being in control of what is coming?

Do I blame it on my past and not being able to let go of events which impacted my life?

Will I ever have an argument with my husband and not worry that it will lead to a divorce just like my parents?

Will I ever be able to take a compliment and not wonder what people really think that they won’t tell me?

Will I ever really let go of the fear of failure in order to try the unknown that could be my actual path to my happiest and most successful self?

No matter if it too much luggage or a backpack filled too full or if it is my heart and mind filled with the baggage of my past, it is time to get rid of my baggage. 

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5 thoughts on “Baggage

  1. I laughed at the line about extra underwear because I just packed bags for my kids and myself and, of course, packed us all extra underwear! You make an interesting connection between fear of failure and being unprepared. I, too, need to let some baggage go!


  2. This piece shows the power of constructing a slice through questions. So much to think about here! This is actually one thing I am enjoying about getting older–I’m much more able and willing to set the baggage down and get on with things!


  3. I blame Mom. Ha! Not really, but I think she did make us overpackers. This was a great post. I love the format with all the questions. I read the title thinking figurative baggage. Then I read on and learn, no it’s literal baggage. Then, you switch gears on me and go to the heart. Lovely! Well done!

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  4. I like how you started with the literal baggage and moved to the metaphorical. I would love to let go of some of the baggage I insist on carrying around with me!

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