Tired . . . Oh so tired.

I am not sure what is more exhausting: going on vacation or coming home?

I know I do this to myself, with too much to get done before I ‘feel good’ to leave – again my mom’s voice about leaving dirty dishes or laundry plays in my head. And that is just at home.

Striving to get ahead in work projects, even though the trip is a work trip, so that I am not swamped when I get home, I am tired before I started.

Then the trip is to a different time zone. It involves some late night fun and some early morning meetings. I have to live up to my ag teacher upbringing: if you hoot with the owls, you must still fly with the eagles in the morning!

Then there is the mental exhaustion of the ideas and all you are striving to take in. Who knew thinking could be so enervating.

Then the push to get checked out on time and to the airport. Then wait and then rush on the plane. Repeat.

Now, I have wearied myself with complaining.

Chapter two tomorrow!

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