Capturing Chaos

I do not know the ‘schedule’ or possibly the lack thereof for our church directory, but the time has come again.

We last took photos in the fall of 2015 – my how my boys have grown.

As we waited our turn, trying to keep busy with hand tricks and then word games on the phone, the boys gave some of their ‘best face’s! My husband and I went from bribes to threats for just a single photo that could be used. I said a prayer for the photographer, who knew not what waiting behind his door.

When our time came, there were stools and blocks and lights and flashes. With a little help from some potty humor – boys love the farting and poop jokes- we got some smiles and were soon finished.

As we reviewed the photos, it seemed each one had someone not at their best. My oldest asked if we could try again, but our time had passed. We settled on a not so smiley middle son and kind of a clueless look on Dad’s face, for the best little smile on my youngest son’s face. I figured I may have many photos to come to capture a better smile, but that little boy grin may soon be gone . . . along with the chaos. And for now, the challenge is to remember to enjoy them both because this is the moment which will soon be the memory.

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