Begging Boys

Why is it that even when my boys have gotten what they ask for it is not enough?

Why must we endure more begging for more stuff?

Why is there always something else they think they need or want?

Does this mean my boys are spoiled?

When ‘no’ becomes our word, what can we do?

Questions I have had as we moved through our night.

6 thoughts on “Begging Boys

  1. Oh, I feel your pain! Sometimes I wonder how much personality has to do with the never-ending asking and wanting for more, because my son sounds just like you describe here, but my twin daughters are not so much like that. Or maybe it is an age/stage they go through. If you discover anything that works, let me know!

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  2. I hear you! With two boys of my own, there have been many times when I have experienced this. Nothing ever seems to be enough and there is a lack of gratitude for what they do have. They’re not always like that, of course, but it is painful when they are.

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  3. Todd says I am a default no. I wonder why that is…
    On the other hand, when the Yes Day book came out, my boys just about drove me crazy about having a yes day and how I was the worst.

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  4. It’s challenging! I love to say yes, and many more things can be yes than I first realized when I became a parent. I also like to give in fantasy what can’t be a yes in reality. “Oh my goodness, wouldn’t it be amazing to have those $500 sneakers! How do you think you’d feel wearing those?”

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