Thank you, Paddington Bear!

These are a few of the lessons learned tonight from Paddington Bear and his Aunt Lucy.

If we are kind and polite, the world will be right.

Always keep a marmalade sandwich in your hat in case of emergency.

When you see good you should do, do it – not because you are getting paid or for how you will be paid back. Do it just because it is the right thing to do.

Be a positive part of someone else’s day.

All you need to do to brighten someone’s day is to add a bit of sugar – through a smile, a friendly hello, or a good deed.

If you look for the good in people, you will find it.

It sometimes takes a children’s movie to remind me of what I already know, but quickly forget in the hustle and bustle. Thank you, Paddington.

3 thoughts on “Thank you, Paddington Bear!

  1. Paddington Bear is one of my absolute favourites, I haven’t seen any of the movies yet, but I know I should. Thank you for reminding me of him! Along with Winnie the Pooh (and a couple of others that escape me at the moment!) they are classics that I hope live for ever in children’s and adults’ lives! Lovely slice!

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