Recommendations? Any one?

It is the season for teacher movement and that means . . . letters of recommendations and reference checks.

If I had a dollar for every letter I have written over my 15 years, I would likely be retiring next year. But what does that say about me?

Do I know too many people?

Do I have a hard time saying no to the request? DO people actually say no to a request?

Of course, I like to believe I just write really incredible letters that land people the job!

This past week, I received flowers from a couple who were two of my coaches when I was an athletic director. They have been teaching in China for two years and after many, many, many letters, online surveys, and phone calls, they are both employed for next year. The flowers were a complete surprise and very beautiful still today, when they arrived last Monday.

This past week I also congratulated a colleague on moving into administration. She will do a fantastic job building up a small school near my home. They need a good leader and she is one.

Today completed my requests for teacher and staff member of the year letters. One wife of a letter recipient said the letter almost made her cry and had asked her husband if he felt the same, which of course his answer was no. Honored, but not about to cry. Our conversation made me wonder, what am I ‘saving’ for letters of recommendation that I should be sharing with all of these people on a daily basis?

4 thoughts on “Recommendations? Any one?

  1. How true! I do write a fair share each year, as well. I think it is easier to say how wonderful people are when I’m not looking them directly in the eye. I don’t understand that either.

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