The Smells That Surround Us

Do you ever stop to really take in the smells the surround your life? This is some of what I found today.

The day started with the smell of cupcakes, left over from my son’s birthday. This was a nice treat before church.

The next smell accosted me as I entered my kitchen- my sons’ Axe. It is hard for them to understand they can use a single spray or actually put on deodorant. The smell quickly escapes their bathroom and permeates the entire house.

As I step out the door to escape the Axe, I can smell the rain from the night before. It is hard to express this smell, but it is like the outdoors have been washed clean.

Entering church, there is always the lingering smell of incense. It reminds me of so many special events that have taken place in this place.

Sunday means breakfast at my mother-in-law’s. As we enter, we can smell it – msausage and biscuits with a side of coffee. Linda’s kitchen always smells of delicious food.

The afternoon contain smells of cleaning products, including some awesome dish soap my sister gave me that is orange clove – washing dishes never smelled so good!

Then there were the smells of the farm. Horses, cattle, dogs, and cats all provide a variety of smells, some are good and some not so much. When feeding the cattle, there is the mixture of earth, feed, and manure.

Then it was time for the baby calf to have his bottle. The sweet smell of the milk mixes with the even sweeter smell of hay and the dust of the straw.

As we come in the house, I can smell the the outdoors on the boys, almost like they have collected scents everywhere they went throughout the day. Into the shower they go, where they will use their Axe shampoo, which is not quite as strong as the body spray.

To end the night, Chad helps me cook dinner. This includes the smells of pork chops, asparagus, and potatoes – is there anything quite like the smell of potatoes?

After a quick shower that included sleepy time bath wash, my final smells are of my husband and the lavender that cover our pillowcases.

I am not sure how my dreams will smell tonight . . .

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