I know that smile

As I was trying to decide if I should check out the silent auction or get a drink, he approached suddenly, with way too much enthusiasm in his voice.

His appearance was a mix between Jack Sparrow and someone preparing for the Last Supper production – fully bearded, with long brown hair – well groomed, but not my cup of tea.

How are you?

I am great.

Do you remember me?

As I quickly look at his name tag, Josey.

But then I really looked at his eyes and the face under the beard. Yes! I know these eyes, but haven’t seen them for a very long time.

I love running into former students. Josey was one of my first.

We caught up with what was going on in his life – landscaping to boat captain (he is actually Jack Sparrow during events in the summer!) to managing a success bar at the Lake. He went on to say he had to come over to tell me what a difference I made in his life and how I was the ‘kick-in the pants’ he needed at a time he could have gone really off course. He used the skills and knowledge gained in my class. He said about five times how glad he was to see me so he could tell me how much he appreciated ‘everything’ – even though I really can’t remember what everything was.

He was just a freshman/sophomore boy who listened and smiled a lot – even his eyes smile.

He was not any class star or anyone I could remember specific stories about, but he cared enough to spend a few moments saying thanks.

I am so thankful when I get or hear about these little zoot-zoots that touch right at our hearts. Be sure to send someone a zoot-zoot to share the difference he or she has made in your life.

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