My Hidden Talent is Revealed

Two of the joys of working in a sort of peripheral position (I am the admin for our before and afterschool program) at school are interacting with all ages PreK throughly seniors and getting to have fun at random times for random events.

Today’s fun included a circus themed reading rally at our lower elementary. Not many people knew that I have some incredible hula hooping skills. I actually cannot hula, like around the waist, to save my life, but I have a lot of other tricks.

I was a bit worried when I learned the hoops I knew the PE teacher had were actually replaced earlier this year with more durable, flat and much heavier hoops. I practiced and knew I could not do all I wanted to with those, but the show must go on! I ran across the parking lot and found want I needed at the Upper Elem.

I changed into my sparkly shirt and sequine shoes. The Ringmaster introduced me, and I could almost feel the spotlight. Do you know how much fun it is to get a couple hundred elementary students chanting their school cheer really loudly in order to get my hoop to finally hit the ceiling!

After the shows, I was greeted with lots of smiles and hugs. The kids were amazed and thought I should really try out for the circus or at least be in tv. Almost all wanted to touch the hula hoops and wanted to know how I learned to do that. I told them with a lot of time outside practicing and to be sure to complete their reading logs!

Today I learned exactly what it feels like to be a super star – at least a super star of South Elementary for the day!

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