Dale Brisby or Dave Ramsey? Basically the same . . .

Life with my boys and husband keep me laughing most of the time. Tonight’s laughter reminded me of the famous Abbott and Costello Who’s On First.

My Abbott boys were simply trying to stay up a little longer while my husband and I were planning to watch our next online video in our current course.

‘Why do you get to stay up and watch You Tube?’ whined the first.

‘Why can’t we watch it with you?” asked the next.

‘What are you watching? That David guy?’ asked the third.

‘I told you boys to get your teeth brushed and to bed,’ Dad raises his voice down the hallway. ‘Your mom and I are watching our Dale Brisby videos.’

‘What!! I want to watch Dale Brisby!’

‘Me, too!’

‘That’s not fair! Mom, you said I couldn’t watch Dale Brisby, but you and Dad get to. That is not fair!’ shouted with the explanation of the slamming bedroom door (This son is knocking on the door of middle school and really honing his dramatic flair!)

‘We are watching Dave Ramsey, not Dale Brisby.’ Mom corrects with a roll of the eye.

‘That is what I meant. I get their names messed up,’ Dad shrugs as he comes back into the living room.

Silence from the boys.

PS to reader – If you don’t know these characters, just Google search. Their images are enough of a picture of the vast difference of subject matter!

7 thoughts on “Dale Brisby or Dave Ramsey? Basically the same . . .

  1. Truth be told, I don’t know Dave Ramsey from Dale Brisby. However, I do know a circular child conversation with the aim of later bedtime. Wonderfully sliced to its essence, this offers a quick glimpse through dialogue of daily family life.

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    • We never know what new trick the boys will try. But other nights, they go right to bed and right to sleep. It depends on if they have had enough adventures to expend all that energy! Thanks for the reply.

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