The One Event None of Us Will Escape

Death has been on my mind and in my life a great deal lately. From just before Christmas when we unexpectedly lost a favorite uncle to many friends, acquaintances, church and community members who have passed on since the start of 2020. This is some of what I have learned.

From my Uncle Bob – always be sure to give one more hug when you say good-bye – everyone could use one more hug. Try to have an easy laugh and keep doing what you love as long as you feel like doing it.

From Mrs. Limbach – as a teacher for 47 years, she never lost her passion – only her partial loss of eyesight took her out of the classroom. Remember to pray for your students and attend as many weddings as you can to be a part of their special day.

From John Wood – even though I only knew him as my friend’s brother, the tribute his friends gave at the memorial made me want to be a better friend. The memories they shared also made me realize how a day on the river or just time on the farm may be worth so much more to our family than some expensive trip somewhere. We can’t forget that who we spend our time with is often more important than what we are doing.

From Boomer – hug my boys and husband every opportunity I get and don’t take life too seriously. If there is a way to make other people smile or laugh, that will never be wasted time.

There have been more that we have said good-bye to in the past couple months as death has visited our small community too often. But even in the hurt, I try to see the lessons as their final gift and to strive to live my life so that my final farewell, whenever it may come, would be my last inspirational lesson.

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