Come for a Visit to Our Farm

When you visit our farm, we will start the morning with a fresh pot of coffee. I hope it is an easy day so we can sit on the front porch and just enjoy the coffee and watch the fog disappear from the hills.

When you visit our farm, you will eat fresh from the farm. For breakfast, maybe some home cured bacon and fresh eggs from the hens.

When you visit our farm, we will need to do the chores. Some chores are fun and some are not, but all must be done, even on the easy days.

When you visit our farm, we will feed the animals. The show steers and the butcher calves get feed and grain and hay and don’t forget to check the water. Judd will show you how to make the bottle for his calf, Brownie, and you can give him his bottle.

When you visit our farm, you will feed the geldings while I hold the mares – who are already fat as ticks and don’t need more finish. They will be just fine with hay.

When you visit our farm, you can try to catch a kitten, but they will likely be too wild. Their momma, Sparkle, will make a nuisance of herself and constantly be underfoot or jump on your lap if you sit still for a moment.

When you visit our farm, Bridget will have her new pups. They will be cute little furballs looking like miniatures of Bridget and Buck. We will have to wait and see if they will all be brown or have blacks mixed in.

When you visit our farm, we will load the buckets of feed in the bed of the truck and start the tractor. Today is another day of feed and hay for the cows. The grass is getting greener, but not quite there yet.

When you visit our farm, I will say a prayer of thanks again for last spring’s rains that produced abundant and high quality hay. I will explain to you how important thanksgiving and faith are in all of life, but especially in farming and ranching.

When you visit our farm, you will comment on the rough ride on the gravel road. I will tell you this is the smooth part and to hold on to your hat. The boys will be in the back of the truck. I know you will be nervous, and I will reassure you they are safe and have done this hundreds of times before. And I will remind you that fresh air and adventure help boys to grow strong.

When you visit our farm, we may see some juvenile eagles in the dead tree by the creek. I love these majestic birds, but not when they feast on young calves. The circle of life is evident on the farm, but is still not always easy to accept.

When you visit our farm, you will ask how old the barn is, and I will tell you we need to ask Grandma Kathryn. She has many stories to share of life on the farm and of our family. If she feels up to it, she will join us for some fun after the chores are done.

When you visit our farm, we will check the cows. If you are lucky, we will see a newborn calf. The calves are so cute this time of year. And this new bull is making the cutest calves with various spots of white on their heads, feet, and tails. The calves are so fun to watch as they frolic along.

When you visit our farm, we will likely eat at my mother-in-law, Linda’s house. She is an incredible cook and baker and will not take no for an answer.

When you visit our farm, we will try to include some fun. We may take Grandma Kathryn fishing on the river or catch crawdads in the creek. The fish we will keep, but will always throw back the crawdads. We will look for interesting rocks for you to take home to remember our fun day. And we will end the day, after watching the sun set in a truly artistic experience, spending time around the bonfire and making smores. The boys will serenade us with country classics as we enjoy the evening under the stars and plan your next visit to our farm.

2 thoughts on “Come for a Visit to Our Farm

  1. This is a beautiful piece of writing– the structure and the details that you chose are absolutely perfect. I love hearing about the calves and the puppies and the kittens. And I love your comments about faith. You humble me and make me ashamed of my lack of faith sometimes. You make me want to come and visit your farm!

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    • Never be ashamed of your faith or lack thereof – it is a continual journey. Just remember God does not move away from us. He is always there, waiting for our return. And the porch light is alway on for friends coming to visit the farm!


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