A difficult truth: When school is out, the hotline goes silent . . .

People questioned why we stayed in school so long with a lot of hate on social media aimed at our leaders.

If they knew you and your story, they would have begged we stay open no matter what.

When I saw you today, it was just by mistake. You are not at the address I had for you from just a few days ago.

I don’t know what you were doing. Were you taking your dog out or were your parents just getting some air? Or was it fate helping me to see you and to feed you at least for today?

I gave you and your siblings your lunches and said I would see you tomorrow. I don’t know if it was just the strawberry milk or seeing me or a little of both, but I got to see your smile.

I didn’t know what was wrong with your mom. Did something happen to her since the last time I saw her? It wasn’t until later that I understood it was the drugs.

It didn’t matter that a call went out and even that an officer came to your door, you are going to be out of sight, likely for awhile, but never, never out of my mind.

This is just one of the encounters I have had in the last couple of days delivering meals to some of our students. Our state rep once said that when school is out, the (child abuse) hotline goes silent. My greatest fear in this entire pandemic is for so many children, who may not be seen by a safe adult for many months to come, than anything to do with the virus.

6 thoughts on “A difficult truth: When school is out, the hotline goes silent . . .

    • Me, too. The worst part are the students no one has seen or heard from. I always worry during breaks, but with this panic, so many have been laid off from their jobs in already stressed financial situations and the kids are now home for 15 meals a week that were eaten at school. It makes me worry. And really irritated with much of our social system/Congress – not a time to make an argument about immigration or anything else except this desperately needed relief.


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