It sometimes takes a dog . . .

I found this photo of our dog, Buck, on my 7 year old’s phone. I love the picture, because it is a seriousness I rarely see in him. It makes me wonder what the picture taker was doing to get this reaction.

Did J have Buck’s rock and would not throw it or give it back? That’s right, Buck fetches rocks instead of balls and always knows which rock is his.

Was Buck getting scolded for chasing the calves when it was not time to work? He is still in training and getting better all the time, but sometimes he forgets.

Was this right after the pups were born and his sidekick, Bridgette, had more important things to occupy her time?

Or does J, my 7 year old truly know how to speak to his bestie furball and asked Buck to pose for a serious one? Who knew our rock-fetching cattle dog is also a dog model!

All I know for certain is that I was less than enthused to get him and have rarely considered animals really a part of the family, and yet they are. And it is like they know what is going on and have been here to help with all the heartache whether by herding the cattle or putting his head under my hand – which I know is Buck’s form of a hug. And when Buck gets really serious, he needs to raise up on his back legs so he can be closer to your eyes and look into them, which is his way to tell you it is all going to be ok – never the same, but we will one day be back to ok . . . sometimes it just takes a dog.

And the craziest part is that Buck is on the porch and as I typed those last words, he started howling – not barking – but howling like crazy! I can’t make this up! Better go see . . .

4 thoughts on “It sometimes takes a dog . . .

  1. I love your title! I was reluctant to ever have a dog; my kids finally convinced me and I cannot believe how much joy he brings us. I love Buck’s form of a hug and yes–it absolutely sometimes-especially in these times-just takes a dog!

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  2. My teenagers, trapped at home last spring, worked together to convince me to give the final “okay, we can get a puppy” – – Life with our puppy filled a huge emptiness in their lives. Sometimes it takes a dog; but in our case, it was the only thing that could have done the job.

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