Bangles & Cuffs

What messages do you give yourself each day?

Maybe you stand on your porch with your coffee in hand and drink in nature to start your day.

Maybe you spend time in God’s word asking Him to light you way.

Maybe its your mirror that speaks to you each morning as you glance at the verses and quotes before you rush out the door.

Maybe it is the music or podcast you listen to on your commute to help you put all you have to do into perspective.

Maybe it is the bald eagle, wishing you luck, as it flies across your path, bringing not only majesty and wonder but also a hope of what the day will be.

Maybe it is what surrrounds your workspace – photos of your lovies, quotes or work from children – your own and those from years in the classroom who claimed you as their own. Or those reminders, the Scrabble board of adjectives, the tissue paper bouquet, and the Yet sign – all from experiences that helped shape you into who you are today.

Maybe it is your screensaver, page-of-the-day calendar, or mousepad, all specifically chosen to help you produce the kind of day you desire.

Maybe it is the bangles and cuffs that remind you to demonstrate patience with others and also yourself, to reaffirm where you come from and of the love that travels with you, and to state your mission, which you strive to live out each day. Maybe they center you each morning, as on your wrist they come to rest. And then throughout the day, they help you see the way through each of life’s tests. And as the day turns to night and you give them a rest, those messages help you know you lived this day best.

And maybe too many bangles & cuffs are noisey and your desk is cluttered and your drive is hurried and your prayer is a quick one for safety and sight.

And maybe, just maybe, you are okay with that because the messages are for you.

4 thoughts on “Bangles & Cuffs

  1. I do like bangles, especially ones that have messages on them. There is something about the sound of them clacking on the desk or a surface that a like. Makes me feel like a grownup! Haha. I can’t say they help keep me centered, but sometimes they do bring a smile to my face!

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  2. I have not been wearing anything but my watch. Can you believe it?!? But since you mentioned this post (even before I read it), my bracelets are back! Only four today, but I’m getting back in shape. :). Love you and your positivity posts!

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