Homework Woes

I don’t know which problems to do.

I didn’t get the notes from the board.

I have no idea what I am doing.

I can’t find a pencil.

Where is my calculator?

Now I need an eraser.

That is not a parallelogram.

That is not how you find the area of the parallelogram.

I did say one half.

How am I supposed to know!

I am just too stupid to do math!

Ok. That formula is A=bh.

Now, I need to add each area.

Thank you for helping me.

Sorry about the attitude.

3 thoughts on “Homework Woes

  1. This is really powerful and vivid! To be honest, it also gave me some math PTSD flashbacks! I’m pretty sure I said ALL of these things to my parents as they tried to help me with math! And I think my son said many of these things to me as I tried to help him with HIS math.

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  2. Oh, homework! Oh, math! Besides Physics, I don’t remember not wanting to do homework in school…maybe Vocabulary workbooks for Mrs. Farmer, but I actually liked learning about all the words, just not the homework. But you can’t have one without the other!
    I love that your slice is just conversation! This will be inspiration for a structure in a future post for me. Thank you!


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