Technology Ups and Downs

Success #1 He was so excited when the phone powered up with the correct time and date of proof it still had some life left in it.

Success #2 After some googling (when did that become a word?), I found a help sheet of instructions that were actually helpful.

Success #3 Upon following the directions on the helpful help sheet, the phone connected to the computer!

Sweet victory was in our grasp!

Disappointment #1 An update was needed on the phone. No worries. How long could that take?

Disappointment #2 88 hours! How could this internet have ever met the definition of ‘high speed’? Anything slower would have to be literally carried by a tortoise!

Success #4 The connection was a little faster (think carrier pigeon). After about an hour, we were down to 17 minutes. Then the file was finalizing and then . . .

Doom! The connection was lost with the phone. The download needed to start over. With over 30% of our internet gone for the month, we just could not make another attempt. And besides, it is now bedtime.

Until next time, unless, of course,there are more downs with technology, with which this never sees the eye of a reader. Here’s hoping for Success #5 for the blog posting!

This March I am attempting the Slice of Life challenge with teachers across the globe. Hope this one gets me back on the wagon!

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