If We Lived in the Same Neighborhood

I recently watched the Live2Lead conference and was introduced to Jamie Kern Lima, Co-founder of IT cosmetics and the first female CEO of L’Oreal. Her speech really spoke to me as she shared how you can go from being underestimated to unstoppable. As I am reading her book, I now need to add her to my list of famous people who would be good friends if we lived in the same neighborhood.

Some of the other people on this list are the following:

Meg Ryan – She would enjoy a summer day on our ranch, with a drink on the pool deck and a lot of laughter from regular conversation.

Joanna Gaines – She would show me how to cook and would help fix my kitchen floor. And after that I would help her gather seed heads from my native flowers for her to try in her garden.

The Wahlberg Brothers – Donnie, Mark, and Paul would come over to grill. I know they would be impressed with our homegrown beef and would make plans to visit the next time we butchered. I would have to remind them about foul language in front of the boys.

Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze – Rachel would help me find many items to sell to help with the debt snowball. Dave would be turning a wrench on some motor in the shop while telling the boys what not to do when buying their first vehicle.

Laura Vanderkam and Gretchen Rubin – We would discuss teacher schedules and burnout and how to help teachers adapt their calendars to fit their lives instead of the other way around.

So many incredible people in this world I could be friends with if only we lived in the same neighborhood.

I am striving to complete the Slice of Life challenge with a blog post a day for the month of March.

4 thoughts on “If We Lived in the Same Neighborhood

  1. What a clever thought, our dream neighborhood, a little cul-de-sac of expertise. I wish now for neighbors to have coffee with and exchange leftovers. Your dreams are much bigger


  2. I appreciate this thought exercise as a way to identify what (or who) may be missing in our support networks. This is such a creative contemplation; I’m going to begin considering my own dream neighborhood. It would definitely include all of the main characters from New Girl!

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