Ode to my lamp

Thank you to Stephanie Affinito for the inspiration to write to something I am thankful for.

Dear Nightstand Lamp,

When I first saw you in the store, I knew I had to have you. You would serve the same function as my current lamp with your light touch power switch, but you promised so much more.

Your ability to charge my phone without a dedicated cord and cube have been nearly life changing and has reduced my nightly arguments with the boys by a few, as they no longer steal the cords from you.

I love the angles of light you provide and ease at which you turn on, no matter my disarray.

I so enjoy finishing my day each evening and starting each day, too, with you right there by my side.

Work or Play?

Is work ever play? Does play often feel like work?

This weekend included a couple of activities that made me contemplate these questions.

The first was on Saturday as we moved from the last basketball game toward the baseball season. I was reminded how much work is involved for my sons to play their many sports – not only the time spent in the commute and during their games and practices, but the work to purchase the gear and wash the gear and find the gear before each game or practice. Most definitely more work than play from one end.

While already in town looking for new baseball cleats, we decided to get a first load of mulch. While most of this load was headed next door to my MIL, I will bring home and spread about 40 bags to keep up my flowers and another 10 or so on my blackberry patch (I have to try something to combat the summer weeds). Many would see this mulch as major work. While it is physical labor, ‘playing’ in my flower gardens is one of my greatest joys.

This two sides of the coin continued as we ‘worked’ on the farm – moving troughs and feeding hay and grain. It is work, but is also something we typically enjoy.

Then there was the cleaning of the house in order to get ready for next weekend’s birthday party for my youngest. All my boys (husband included) see this as ‘helping Mom get the house cleaned up!’ This statement will make me go through the roof, as if I am the one who dirtied the house!! And all the house work is house work, very difficult to turn into house play. But together it typically goes faster and now we can have our play next weekend, even if it cost us a lot of work today.

The End of the Season

When he started playing, I was so worried – worried he wouldn’t get any playing time, worried others would make fun of him, and worried that these new friendships would change if his performance on the court was not what they had hoped.

But throughout the season, I learned – he didn’t care about playing time because he was learning how to play, and no one made fun of him because they all make mistakes at times. And his new friends have turned out to be some really incredible boys.

I also learned that I can’t stop my son from trying something because of my insecurity in handling the failures that may occur. Lots of lessons we won’t soon forget from this season.

Waiting on a pick up

Her ride was not at the stop. That happens sometimes.

Grandma was called and would come to the school to get her, and so we waited.

She had a collection of stickers that kept her busy and gave us something to talk about.

As we set there with the school doors open feeling the cool breeze, there was suddenly the strangest noise coming through the open door!

Her head whipped to the doorway (I don’t know how she keeps her glasses on most of the time!).

‘What WAS that!’

‘I don’t know, what do you think it is?’

‘Some strange animal.’

‘Partially correct; I think those are geese.’

She now gets up, stickers long forgotten, the outside mesh still stuck on her pants.

‘I can’t see them’, as she strains her eyes in the twilight).

‘No, but we can hear they are there.’

‘Those are some strange geese.’

I agree with a smile.

~~I was reminded tonight by JCareyReads’ post to celebrate kids. I really just wanted to go home tonight, but am glad I got to share this moment with a pretty special girl who typically is just a bit annoying and can be sassy, but is really quite unique in every sense of the word! She should also be celebrated. Here’s to you KL!


Too many tasks and commitments taking too much time.

Rest certainly is needed. Not just sleep, but true rest.

Innovation must be have already sprung forward and forgot that our week was not complete.

Enthusiasm has hit a low and in need of refueling.

Definitely need to regroup this weekend to plan an attack and be ready for TGIM – back to my positive pulse.

Reading Points and Ponies

I loved reading as a kid and continue to love it. I am rarely found without a book in my hand, in my bag, in my car, or on my desk.

Strive as I may, my boys have yet to catch this love. Sometimes they will stay with me for the Bible adventures – especially when it is a battle scene or special miracle, but getting them to sit relatively still and read and listen is always a chore.

Tonight, there was some urgency in the reading. Why do they wait to the last day, the last hours?? How many times did I remind them of the points and the books? How many times did I offer to help? How many times can something be brought up before it is considered nagging? How do I not want to be a nagging mom!

The oldest son was motivated by his teacher this year and has knocked the points out of the park.

I don’t like to compare . . . but getting the bare minimum is not a comparison, but an expectation for the quarter.

So here we are at the almost final hour reading about the Chincoteague ponies, a story and location I have mentioned that #2 son would love to visit. His interest is piqued.

What? There is another book about the pony, Misty?

Tomorrow is library time. Maybe I can get that book and we can read it.

Maybe I can get a jumpstart on 4th quarter points.

Me: That sounds like a great idea. And yes, I would love to read it with you.

Maybe, just maybe he has found his love in a place I didn’t think to look – to a far off island with a horse named Misty – one of my first loves of a book I treasured.

Celebrating 70

Today is my Aunt Kathey’s 70th birthday. And I am so glad I chose to take the day off to spend it with her.

She is a very special person to me. She taught me how to play pitch and how to drive (for real do you have any idea how hard it is to have your aunt as your driver’s ed teacher?!). She and my Uncle Bob took my older sister, Emily, and I on our first flight. And that was the trip I fell in love with DC.

She taught me how to coach and to love the game of basketball. She taught me that store-bought stovetop stuffing and pies made by someone else can still show care and be delicious – it’s truly the thoughts and the prep that counts.

As we went to celebrate today, it was not only her birthday, but also the end of this pandemic that we celebrated. We last went out together in January 2020 and this celebratory lunch was much needed by both of us.

And in our true fashion, nothing goes off without a bit of a hitch. As I drove her car, she apologized a couple times – it is really hard for drivers’ ed teachers to stop instructing. But I told her I often still hear her voice as I round a curve, ‘Get into the curve before the curve gets into you.’

As we pulled up to the restaurant and I shut off the car, I thought it was more teacher coming out, as she said there is a warning, and I needed to restart the car. So I did, and shut it off only to get the same warning that the key was not detected. She was ready to get our order to go and not get stuck with a car that would not start, but after a quick call to a dealership, a short visit to the auto parts store across the street, and a changed key fob battery later, we had a car that would shut off and an incredible birthday lunch to enjoy.

The meal and the company were so wonderful. And, in honor of Uncle Bob, I ordered dessert, of which Aunt Kathey ate the strawberry, their typical ‘sharing’ of a dessert.

A forgotten hobby

Even though making arrangements for headstones may seem morbid, for me it is another opportunity to honor those you continue to think about and to help those still here to demonstrate the love and care for those who are gone.

We loss Uncle Bob in December 2019, our whole world was turned upside down before the whole world turned upside down. The void he left in this world cannot be filled, but we try in different ways. He and I shared a love of flowers, something I carry on when I can.

Uncle Bob took great care in selecting flowers for all the headstones in his family plot. Even though some of these ‘relatives’ are only those in name, my Uncle Bob was married to my dad’s sister, Kathey, I knew these people in different ways. I want to continue to honor them, as a tribute to him as well.

On my way home to visit Aunt Kathey, she reminded me of the flowers. I found a great selection and bought more than we might need, but better too many than too few.

As we chatted tonight, I put the arrangements together. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed doing those arrangements. It had been some time since I made silk arrangements, but my fingers and eyes were not at all rusty. I forgot all about this hobby, typically only put to use to help out with wedding flowers or outdoor planters, and even those have been awhile.

It felt good to be doing something that I enjoyed for someone I miss, but who would have been honored by the gesture and the creations.

Why I Missed My Slice

I missed my slice because I thought I would write it the day before, but ran out of time.

I missed my slice because I was going to write as soon as I woke up, but then got started on my taxes and watching Alone and forgot all about my slice.

I missed my slice because I was watching my son play basketball, and the location had no service.

I missed my slice because the team met for pizza as a big group, and I left my phone in the room.

I missed my slice because we stayed and played cards most of the evening. We learned a new game and had lots of laughs.

I missed my slice because when I got back to the room the boys were watching one of the Fast and Furious movies, and I got sucked into the storyline.

I missed my slice because I noticed the time and told the boys we had to get to sleep, as I shut off the tv. Their dad was already snoring.

One of my first thoughts this morning was that I missed my slice yesterday. Oh well! Here’s to the rest of the month and no more missed slices.

The Car Ride

How far is Wichita? (They know better than to ask if we are there yet.)

What’s the name of our hotel?

I’m hungry. Can we eat this candy? The Skittles are mine.

There are skittles for everyone, but we are eating lunch in just a bit so you need to wait on the candy.

I have to go to the bathroom. Can we stop?

We are stopping in just a few minutes. And there is not a place to stop before our lunch stop.

Can we watch a movie? Can you turn up the radio? Can I have my phone? Can you turn on the cool air?

Do we have any movies to watch? Can you turn down the radio? Can you plug in my phone? Can you turn up the heat?

Wichita might as well be Mars as long as this trip feels like it is taking!

Finally we all agree on something. Hope we make it.